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Voted a "Leader" in 2021 by real users & real customers

In its Winter 2021 Grid™ report, G2 ranked Seamless.AI as a top sales intelligence solution in over 15 categories—all based on reviews from our satisfied customers who adamantly believe we are the most accurate, value-driven & affordable option for businesses.

Voted "Top 50 Startup" in the U.S. by LinkedIn

In LinkedIn's 4th annual Top Startups list, they included Seamless.AI as one of their top 50 companies in the United States that have stood out this year as a vibrant and resilient company to keep an eye on. 

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Website Search (Chrome Extension)

Find Contacts Anywhere You Search On The Web

Find all your prospect's contact information — including emails, direct dials, and more with our Chrome Extension. Turn your browser into an unlimited lead-generating machine!

Contact Search Engine

Get Direct Access to Decision-Makers

Leverage our real-time people search engine to build a massive list of decision makers. Never spend another minute scouring websites for contact information ever again.

Company Search Engine

Instantly Build B2B Account Lists

Set filters — like industry, employee count, revenue, technographics and more — to instantly build lists from over 40M companies.


Creating 6, 7 & 8 Figures in New Revenue for Professionals & Businesses of All Sizes

Before using Seamless.AI:

“Before seamless, it was really hard to find the right information and talk to the people that we wanted to talk to without permission from somebody else. So getting permission is one thing, then they give you their contact, but we wanted to talk to a lot of people without getting permission first and without Seamless, that was really hard.”


“The benefit [of Seamless] was getting to the right people at bigger deals. So the first few deals were smaller. And so now we’re approaching bigger deals. So the sales cycle didn’t shorten, but it did allow us to go for much bigger deals, which wasn’t possible before.”







Mareo & Movemedical generated $5M in sales with each deal averaging 7-Figures using Seamless.

Since joining Seamless in mid-2018, MoveMedical has been growing 1000% Year-over-year.

If everything goes according to plan, Mareo anticipates that MoveMedical will reach $10M in sales.

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Direct Access To Contact Information Creates Endless Opportunities for Success, Regardless of Industries

Social Search

Find Emails & Direct Dials for Any Social Media Profile

Instantly gather your prospect's contact information and sync it directly with your CRM — right inside of LinkedIn.


Streamline Your 

Sales Process

Automatically import contact and account data into CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and over 1,500+ apps with Zapier. Increase effectiveness and productivity by eliminating manual data entry forever.

CRM Search

Real-Time Data, 

Directly In Your CRM

Accelerate prospecting with up-to-date contact information directly in your favorite CRM. Make manual data-entry a task from the past.

Case Study: 7-Figure Club Winner

"Don't Hesitate, It's a no brainer, Seamless is a great investment. The return has been a hundred fold for my business."


"I came in super skeptical myself, just because I've had so many bad experiences with other SaaS products, and so I said, alright. I'm going to just try it. I built a list for the wildlife removal vertical, ran an ad to that list, and literally right away, people weren't just clicking, but they're opting in and scheduling appointments too. For the price, it's a no brainer."

"Don't hesitate, it's a no brainer, it's a great investment. The return has been a hundred fold for my business."







Last year, they did over a million dollars, and to date, they generated a total of $1.7 million.

​​William compiled a list of their dream prospects, uploaded it to Facebook and ran ads to them. From that list they were able to generate $743K.

​​They tried it for their clients as well, allowing them to increase revenue by 45%, hitting just over 7 figures in 2019.

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